Uzman Çiftçi | Online Farmer Cooperative | Agricultural Traceability Platform

Virtual farmer market Uzman Çiftçi is a platform where the demands of farmers and buyers for products are met.

Uzman Çiftçi provides the technological infrastructure that makes it possible and accessible to traceability and full control at all stages of the supply chain by making it possible for any business to complement the information technologies it lacks at any stage of the chain, and therefore it is much more than a platform provider. Consumers care about the traceability of the food they consume and to obtain information about the product history in a transparent way. Thanks to the traceability you will provide with Uzman Çiftçi infrastructure using blockchain technology, you can have a very valuable PR potential against your competitors and your consumers in the market. By seeing where and how much time the products are spending in your supply chain, it allows you to evaluate the best alternatives to manage the procurement process in an optimum way.

First Full Time Traceability System in the World

Uzman Çiftçi makes it possible to see the whole process from the field where the crop is produced to the consumer in just a few seconds and to be examined in detail, so that retailers can only recall from the suppliers they need, and in the fastest way possible. It is possible to apply serialization with QR codes in each product type and to monitor, anticipate and produce solutions for all possible processes. Traceability, which is the most important benefit provided by Uzman Çiftçi infrastructure, explains to the consumer why a first class product has a higher price, making the whole production and supply chain transparent in the most reliable and data-based way.

Sustainable Business Model

Millions of supply chain transactions and operations continue to be processed on the Uzman Çiftçi platform in order to provide transparency, traceability and reliable product consumption to millions of consumers in our country. While the businesses in the food sector offer their products to their consumers, the fact that they are organic production, G.D.O. Today, when they need to explain enough to reach the product boxes about whether it is not, the emphasis on the country where it is produced, or whether it complies with the Good Agricultural Product guidelines, consumer confidence is decreasing and this distrust makes it necessary for businesses to provide more data. Thanks to the traceability of the entire process from the producer´s field to the consumer´s table with Uzman Çiftçi, the movements and data of all activities and operations of the supply chains are recorded with Blockchain technology, thus data integrity is fully protected with all stakeholders and identity information. In Uzman Çiftçi databases using blockchain technology, different information entered by different participants in the supply chain is protected in a transparent, unchangeable, indestructible and tamper-evident manner, as well as providing transparent and reliable presentation to the entire ecosystem and to all components in the chain from producer to consumer.

Social responsibility

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