Because it broadens the range of potential buyers for your product!

No, FarmerExpert currently offers your products to international customers, and they will purchase your products according to customers´ demands. There is no guarantee that everyone will receive the product.

Counseling is a proposal. Expert engineers follow the most up-to-date agriculture information according to your field conditions and offer you the information that will help you to get better quality and more products, and you are free to comply with or obey these manufacturers.

No, the farmers are free to sell their product to whoever they want. Only, on our behalf, the seed, fertilizer and medicine money has to pay us after harvest.

The following all services will be given if the farmer asks. Soil analysis of the laboratory, we will be able to do without paying the appropriate fee.

Farmer Expert, in consultation with the farmer, first of all to check if the product is sold by the farmer, if the product is out of the hands of the farmer and the other farmers farmers continue to receive the product. If the product is available, the system immediately assigns an agricultural engineer to take samples from the products in the field and send them for analysis.

With the help of counselors check whether there is a mistake in the entry of the farmer. If all inputs are correct, it activates the farmer and its products in the system.

First, choose your title as a farmer and register.