First, choose your title as a farmer and register.

Make separate entries of the products you grow in your field.

Write the fertilizers you use with dates and quantities.

Write out how much of the crop you will estimate from which product.

Extra quality is up to this, type 1 up.

Add estimated harvest time.

Add soil analysis if you've done it.

And most importantly write the price you requested for the product.
With the help of counselors check whether there is a mistake in the entry of the farmer.

If all inputs are correct, it activates the farmer and its products in the system.
Farmer Expert, in consultation with the farmer, first of all to check if the product is sold by the farmer, if the product is out of the hands of the farmer and the other farmers farmers continue to receive the product. If the product is available, the system immediately assigns an agricultural engineer to take samples from the products in the field and send them for analysis. If the analyzes are positive, a contract is signed with the farmer and a down payment is made. After the product is collected and weighed in the weighbridge, the farmer receives his remaining payment in advance.
The following all services will be given if the farmer asks. Soil analysis of the laboratory, we will be able to do without paying the appropriate fee.

According to the results of soil analysis, our consultants will be able to obtain the most suitable crop, fertilizer, spraying and irrigation information for the field or garden. Totally Free Seed support; They will be able to procure certified products from seed sales points that are contracted with us without paying a suitable fee. Harvest time is calculated.

They will be able to buy fertilizers and medicines from the manufacturer or importer companies that we have contracted without paying the appropriate fee.

If the buyer can be understood by the farmer according to their demands, they will be able to make a purchase agreement between 2-5 years. So the buyer can connect your field for only 2 or 5 years.

Farmers with devices to be developed within 2 years; to make his field or garden can be viewed remotely. The need for irrigation can be indicated as a warning through consultants. If desired, watering can be done automatically until the need.

Farmer Expert will be given to any farmer who has worked with us in order not to pay more than 30% of the product price in the field.

Farmer Expert puts 15% of each sales revenue into a pool for the farmer´s fertilizer, medicine, seed and financing needs. All the help and support is as much as the amount of money accumulated in this pool. We believe that this amount will be sufficient for all producers within five years. Until then, 100% of your requests may not meet the first two years for everyone to benefit. Thank you for your understanding.
No, he knows his product sata to the person he wants!
No, he´s free to sell his product to anyone he wants. Only, on our behalf, the seed, fertilizer and medicine money has to pay us after harvest.
No, he´s free to sell his product to anyone he wants. We only have to pay the money of the credit we use from our pool after the harvest with the lowest usage fee. If we make a sales agreement with us, there will be no usage fee. This usage fee is taken to protect the right of the farmers working with us.
Counseling is a proposal. Expert engineers follow the most up-to-date agriculture information according to your field conditions and offer you the information that will help you to get better quality and more products, and you are free to comply with or obey these manufacturers.

Because it was due to a year of weather? Because of forgotten irrigation? Is it because of the wrong fertilizer? In other words, since we cannot control the production from the beginning to the end, we cannot provide such a guarantee. But we believe that when you implement the recommendations of our consultants, the increase in productivity will be visible.
No, FarmerExpert currently offers your products to international customers, and they will purchase your products according to customers´ demands. There is no guarantee that everyone will receive the product.

FarmerExpert is now designed to work with overseas markets only. Our sales in Turkey geneline will begin within a year. We are also working with other countries where we do not contact. After a period of two years, our farmers will produce fig beans etc. from America to Russia in front of all customers.
Because it creates alternative buyers for your product!

Because it provides economic support!

Because it works for the benefit of the manufacturer!

Because it will help the farmer to develop!

The Farmer Expert will be a world giant in ten years with the manufacturer farmers. After that, farmers in our country will ensure that their products are sold at full value.

FarmerExpert will be able to make production planning in five years. Farmers working with us will be able to give the most suitable crops according to their regions.

After that, no producer will burn the product in his field due to the excess product.